Friday, 16 October 2020

What's missing from the Divine Comedy's new boxset? (Extra tracks for "Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time")

Hello! What have we here? 

A young reader... to what do I owe this pleasant surprise? 

How may I be of service this dark and wintry night? Ahh, I see. You wish me to look into the boxset. 

Your boxset! After demos... B-sides... half finished doodles..

After your last badly recorded dance music pastiche...

Okay, my pretty.

Just cross my social media with shares, and I'll see what I can do.

Wait! The fog is lifting...



Sorry for that, I don't know what came over me. I'm just in a bit of a Neil Hannon zone right now, having spent the last week listening to the man's every recorded note, and what a wonderful experience it has been. But hold on, is it really every note?

Well, yeah, pretty much - I have counted precisely 6 original songs* officially released under the name The Divine Comedy which don't appear on the set in any form whatsoever. And there are probably good reasons for those (he recently explained how much he hated one of them, for example...)

But, having bought the boxset and enjoyed the wonderful new mastering, packaging and bonus tracks, can you retire all those old CD singles and promo discs? That depends on your level of collector-OCD, I guess. But here's a chronological list of everything** previously officially released***, that doesn't appear on the boxset in that exact form. And to make it more fun, I've organised them into Bonus Discs so that, if you so desire, you can burn your own CDs and slot them into the boxset yourself (assuming you own all the tracks  - actually even I don't have more than 95% of them... yet.)

* "Soul Destroyer", "I Am", "Too Young to Die", "This Side of Paradise", "Oscar the Hypno-Dog" and "Don't Mention the War"

**  ok, by "everything", I mean "everything I am aware of", please feel free to let me know if I missed something... but please be nice about it.

*** I've included things only released on promo CDs, just to mess with you and make collecting them all extra-hard, because that's the kind of person I am.


Liberation "Disc 3"

Live at La Cigale 6-11-1993 (French Promo CD):

1. Bernice Bobs Her Hair (live)

2. Three Sisters (live) (is on the bonus disc but should live here really)

3. I Was Born Yesterday (live)

4. Your Daddy's Car (live)

5. Life's What You make It (live)

6. Europe By Train (live)

7. Lucy (live)

8. Jackie (live - Jacques Brel cover)


9. Hate My Way (Throwing Muses cover- from "Indulgence No. 1")

10. Untitled Melody (original mix) (Edwyn Collins cover - from "Indulgence No. 1") - it has been suggested by readers that the version on the boxset is a remix!

11. Europe by Train (Traveller's Companion mix) (from "Indulgence No. 1")

12. Bleak Landscape (home demo 1993 - from "A Secret History - Rarities" CD)

13. Moon River (Henry Mancini cover, home demo 1991 - from "A Secret History - Rarities" CD)

14. Soul Destroyer (Studio Demo, Bonbridge 1989 – from “A Secret History – Rarities” CD)

Promenade “Disc 3”

1. There is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover, from "The Smiths is Dead" compilation album)

1994 live tracks from the Secret History "Rarities" CD

2. A Drinking Song (live in Dublin)

3. Bernice Bobs Her Hair (live in London)

4. The Booklovers (live in Paris)

5. The Model (live in Dusseldorf)

Indulgence Number 2 (7" EP, live in April 1994)

6. A Drinking Song (live)

7. Tonight We Fly (live)

( "When the Lights Go Out" on the Liberation bonus disc seems to be from this release)

A Promenade Companion (bonus CD from initial pressing of "Promenade"

8. Don't Look Down (acoustic)

9. Queen of the South (acoustic)

10.Your Daddy's Car (acoustic)

11. I Was Born Yesterday (acoustic

12. The Booklovers (instrumental, from 2006 BMG promo sampler)

Casanova “Disc 3”

1. Your Daddy's Car (Mark Radcliffe Session, 29/04/1996 - from "Becoming More Like Alfie" CD single

2. The Dogs and the Horses (NYC acoustic, September 1994) - from "Becoming More Like Alfie" CD single

September Sound Session August 1996:

3. A Woman of the World ("band version") - (from "Frog Princess" CD single)

4. Tonight We Fly ("band version") - (from "Frog Princess" CD single)

5. Through a Long and Sleepless Night (live in the studio) - (from "Volume 17" compilation CD)

6. Neptune's Daughter (live at Newcastle Riverside, 13/10/1996 - from "Frog Princess" CD single

7. Songs of Love (alternate “pre-mix” – from a Setanta promo sampler CD) 

Live in London 13-Nov-1996, From BBC Promo CD "The Mix 144"

8. Something for the Weekend (live London 13-11-1996, “The Mix 144” BBC promo CD)

9. Becoming More Like Alfie (live London 13-11-1996, “The Mix 144” BBC promo CD)

10. A Woman of the World (live London 13-11-1996, “The Mix 144” BBC promo CD)

11. The Frog Princess (live London 13-11-1996, “The Mix 144” BBC promo CD)

I'm open to suggestions that this doesn't belong here, being a radio show, but hey, it was pressed on a real CD which some people apparently own!

12. Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs (alternate version, from promo CD)

A Short Album About Love "Discs 3&4"

Live at Shepherds' Bush Empire, 20th October 1996

Ok, so here's my idea: between the soundtrack of the new DVD, the "Everybody Knows" CD singles and the "Rarities" CD, you can now assemble all but one track from the real concert into a stunning live album. (the tracks on ASAAL itself were recorded in rehearsal, with vocals mostly from studio overdubs, as admitted by Neil in the liner notes...)

This does mean including some tracks which actually ARE included in the boxset, but I think it's worth it...

1.Bath (from the "Everybody Knows" CD single) - actually on the ASAAL bonus disc but using this version allows it to seamlessly flow into...

2. Tonight We Fly (from the "Everybody Knows" CD Single)

3. Middle Class Heroes (from the "Everybody Knows" CD Single)

4. Your Daddy's Car (from the "Everybody Knows" CD Single) - actually on the ASAAL bonus disc but lives here

"Becoming More Like Alfie" goes here in the setlist but has only ever been released on an impossibly rare promo VHS so good luck tracking that down...

5. Johnny Mathis' Feet (from the "Everybody Knows" CD single) - actually on the ASAAL bonus disc but lives here

6. Europe By Train (from the "Everybody Knows" CD single) - actually on the Liberation bonus disc but lives here

7. The Frog Princess (from "A Secret History – Rarities” CD)

--- (interval) ---

8. In Pursuit of Happiness (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

9. Everybody Knows (Except You) (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

10. Someone (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

11. Timewatching (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

12. If… (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

13. If I Were You (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

14. I’m All You Need (actual live version, from the "A Short Film DVD")

15. Make it Easy On Yourself (from the "Everybody Knows" CD single) - actually on the ASAAL bonus disc but lives here)

--- encore 1 ---

16. A Drinking Song (from the "Everybody Knows" CD single) - actually on the Promenade bonus disc but lives here

17. Something for the Weekend - (from the "Everybody Knows.." CD single)

--- encore 2 ---

18. The Dogs and The Horses  - (from the “A Short Film" DVD)

Fin de Siecle "disc 3"

1. Generation Sex (home demo) - (from "A Secret History - Rarities" CD)

2. Time Lapse (Michael Nyman Cover - from "Generation Sex" CD1)

3. Chasing Sheep Is Best Left to Shepherds (Michael Nyman Cover - from "Generation Sex" CD2)

4. Miranda (Michael Nyman Cover - from "Certainty of Chance" CD1)

5. Knowing the Ropes (Michael Nyman Cover - from "Certainty of Chance" CD2)

6. The Heart of Rock and Roll (acoustic version of "Sweden" with different lyrics - from National Express cassingle)

7. Going Downhill Fast (acoustic version - from "National Express" CD1)

8. Radioactivity (Kraftwerk cover - from "National Express" CD1)

9. Famous (Magnetic Fields cover - from "National Express" CD2)

10. Commuter Love (live in London 1998) - from "Secret History" Rarities CD)

11. National Express (live "somewhere in a large field" in 1999 - from "Secret History" Rarities CD)

12. Life on Mars (David Bowie cover - live with Yann Tiersen in Rennes 1998 - from "Secret History" Rarities CD)

13. Generation Sex (“Katie Puckrik version”) – (from the original retail CD of “Fin De Siecle”)

14. Certainty of Chance (“Neil’s monologue version”) - (from the original retail CD of “Fin De Siecle”)

15. Here Comes the Flood (instrumental, from 2006 BMG promo sampler)

16. I've Been to a Marvellous Party [Trouser Enthusiasts Formaldehyde Spritzer Mix] (I've Been to a Marvellous Party 12")

17. I've Been to a Marvellous Party [Sharp South Park Remix] (I've Been to a Marvellous Party 12")

18. I've Been to a Marvellous Party [Floorgazm Remix] (I've Been to a Marvellous Party 12")

19. I've Been to a Marvellous Party [Pink Noise Mix] (I've Been to a Marvellous Party 12")

(I put the remixes last so you don't have to listen to them  ;) )

A Secret History Bonus Disc, aka "what do you have against this period, Neil?"

1. Europop (live at the Bowlie weekender 24/04/1999, from Gin-Soaked Boy cassingle)

2. Songs of Love (Phil Thornalley remix) (from Gin-soaked Boy CD 1)

3. I Am (with Brian Eno) (from Gin-soaked Boy CD 1)

4. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count ('99 version) (from "A Secret History")

5. Your Daddy's Car ('99 remix)(from "A Secret History")

6. Too Young to Die (from "A Secret History")

7. Eric the Gardener (acoustic version, from Pop-Singer's Fear CD 1)

8. This Side of Paradise (from Pop-Singer's Fear CD 2)

9. Vapour Trail (Ride cover, from Pop-Singer's Fear CD 2)

10. Jackie (Jacques Brel cover, from Pop-Singer's Fear cassingle)

Regeneration "Disc 3"

1. Love What You Do (Deadly Avenger Mix) (from "Love What You Do" CD1)

2. Edward The Confessor (alternate version) (from "Regeneration" Japanese CD) - apparently the B-side recording is a less-produced version than this one, which is on the Japanese "Regeneration" CD as a bonus track.

Live at Oxford Brookes University, 21/03/2001 (from "Bad Ambassador" CD and 7" singles)

2. Bad Ambassador (live)

3. Pictures of Matchstick Men (live - Status Quo cover)

4. Sweden (live)

5. Life on Earth (live)

6. Les Jours Tristes (Yann Tiersen featuring Neil Hannon) (from "Perfect Lovesong" CD1)

7. Thinking The Unthinkable (finished version, from "Perfect Lovesong" CD2) 

8. Oh Yeah (Roxy Music cover, from "Perfect Lovesong" CD2)

9. Perfect Lovesong (iMonster's Perfect Lovebirds mix) (from "Perfect Lovesong" DVD Single)

10. Bad Ambassador (live - Stratford Upon Avon, 02/02/2001) - (from "Re:Regeneration" promo CD)

11. Generation Sex (live - Dublin Temple Bar 22/01/2001) - (from "Re:Regeneration" promo CD)

12. The Power of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover - live Dublin 20/11/2001) - (from "Fan Club CD #1")

13. Geronimo (live Dublin 20/11/2001) (from "Fan Club CD #1")

14. Love What You Do “Radio Edit” (from French promo CD, actually a remix)

15. Regeneration (Oui FM Session) (from French 3-track promo CD called "Regeneration")

16-19. "Love What You Do", "Timestretched", "Perfect Lovesong" and "Lost Property" (instrumentals - from unknown promo CD)  - I have now heard these and they sound great, but not sure how "officially released" they are...

Absent Friends "Disc 3"

1. Come Home Billy Bird (demo version) - (from "Come Home Billy Bird" CD1)

2. All Things (original version) - (from "Come Home Billy Bird" 7" single and the "Absent Friends Companion" CD) With the daft computerised voices ...!

3. Something for the Weekend (live Ken Bruce Radio 2 session - 30/03/2004) - (from Absent Friends CD2)

4. Absent Friends (live Ken Bruce Radio 2 session - 30/03/2004) - (from Absent Friends CD2)

5. Anthem for Bored Youth (final version) - (from "Absent Friends" 7" and the "Absent Friends Companion" CD)

6. No One Knows (Queens of the Stone Age cover - live Dublin 02/05/2004) - (from "Bavarian EP" Digital single)

7. Three Sisters (live Dublin 02/05/2004) - (from "Bavarian EP" Digital Single)

8. Our Mutual Friend (acoustic demo 2003) - (from "Bavarian EP" Digital Single)

9. Do You Realize? (Flaming Lips cover, Rehearsal, London 2004) - (from "Fan Club CD #2)

10. Going Downhill Fast (live, London 16/06/2004) - (from "Fan Club CD #2)

11. Lucy (live, London 16/06/2004) - (from "Fan Club CD #2)

12. The Wreck of the Beautiful (early idea, circulating mp3, not sure if officially released?)

13. Our Mutual Friend (Home demo) (from "To Die a Virgin" CD2) 

14. October (U2 Cover - Today FM live recording) - from ("Even Better Than The Real Thing, Volume 3" compilation, 2005)

15. Three Cheers For Pooh, Cottleston Pie, Piglet Ho (from the "Colours are Brighter" kids' CD, 2006)

Victory for the Comic Muse "Disc 3"

1. Elaine (Demo version) - from "Diva Lady" 7" and digital singles

2. Births, Deaths and Marriages (final version) - from "Diva Lady" CD 2

3. Diva Lady (Black Holes demo) (from "Diva Lady" digital single)

4. Diva Lady (finished demo) (from "Diva Lady" digital single)

5. To Die a Virgin (live, London 06/07/2006) - (from "To Die a Virgin" Digital Single)

6. A Lady of a Certain Age (live, from the Basement, credited to Neil Hannon) (from "From the Basement" compilation DVD, 2008)

“Others” EP

1. At The Indie Disco (Mk1) – (from the Indie Disco digital single)

2. Napoleon Complex (original demo) – (from the “Bang Goes the Knighthood” iTunes deluxe edition) - the boxset has a different demo

3. On the Barge (from the Indie Disco digital single) - the boxset has a different demo

4. Time to Pretend (live - MGMT Cover) - (from the compilation "Dermot O'Leary Presents the Saturday Sessions, 2010)

From "Oscar the Hypno-Dog" Various Artists charity album (2012)

5. One Ear Up One Ear Down (ok, not TECHNICALLY credited to TDC but since the demo is on the boxset I think this one counts...)

6. Oscar the Hypno-Dog

7. Don’t Mention the War (from the ”Modern Love” soundtrack, 2019)


So there you have it! A veritable treasure trove of live, acoustic and remixed tracks, covers, and a teeny tiny number of originals.  

Now, if you really want to, you can also take these entire previously released CDs, and try to somehow jam them in your boxset, too- but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it...

Absent Friends “Instrumentals”

The Wreck of the Beautiful (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Sticks & Stones (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Leaving Today (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Come Home Billy Bird (instrumental, from promo CDR)

My Imaginary Friend (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Absent Friends (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Our Mutual Friend (instrumental, from promo CDR)

The Happy Goth (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Freedom Road (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Charmed Life (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Live at the Palladium, 26th April 2004 (DVD)

01 Absent Friends

02 In Pursuit Of Happiness

03 Becoming More Like Alfie

04 Sticks & Stones

05 Leaving Today

06 Come Home Billy Bird

07 The Certainty Of Chance

08 When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe

09 No One Knows

10 National Express

11 Generation Sex

12 Songs Of Love

13 The Happy Goth

14 Our Mutual Friend

15 Three Sisters

16 Charmed Life

17 Tonight We Fly

18 Something For The Weekend

19 Sunrise

“Victory for the Comic Muse” instrumentals

To Die A Virgin (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Mother Dear (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Diva Lady (instrumental, from promo CDR)

The Light Of Day (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Party Fears Two (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (instrumental, from promo CDR)

The Plough (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Snowball In Negative (instrumental, from promo CDR)

Live at the cite de la Musique, Paris, September 2008 (bonus CD from "Bang Goes the Knighthood")

1: Amsterdam Written-By – Jacques Brel 3:33

2: L'Amour Est Bleu Written-By – André Popp, Pierre Cour 3:25

3: Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son Written-By – Serge Gainsbourg 3:13

4: Les Playboys Written-By – Jacques Dutronc, Jacques Lanzmann 3:25

5: The Songs That We Sing Written-By – Jarvis Cocker, Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Neil Hannon, Nicolas Godin 3:02

6: Les Copains D'Abord Written-By – Georges Brassens 3:56

7: Anita Pettersen Written-By – Vincent Delerm 4:55

8: Joe Le Taxi Written-By – Franck Langolff, Étienne Roda-Gil 4:24

9: Je Changerais D'Avis Written-By – Ennio Morricone, Ghigo De Chiara, Maurizio Costanzo (2)

Live at Somerset House, 17th July 2010 (Live at Somerset House Live album)

1-1 The Complete Banker 4:51

1-2 Assume The Perpendicular 4:01

1-3 Everybody Knows (Except You) 4:00

1-4 Your Daddy's Car 3:27

1-5 The Pop Singers Fear Of The Pollen Count 3:43

1-6 National Express 4:02

1-7 If... 5:01

1-8 Neapolitan Girl 3:08

1-9 Becoming More Like Alfie 2:55

2-1 Snowball In Negative 4:38

2-2 At The Indie Disco 4:14

2-3 Time To Pretend 4:24

2-4 Geronimo 2:02

2-5 Don't Look Down 5:17

2-6 A Lady Of Certain Age 5:18

2-7 Songs Of Love 6:07

2-8 When A Man Cries 4:19

2-9 Have You Ever Been In Love 3:14

2-10 Our Mutual Friend 4:35

2-11 Tonight We Fly 4:43

2-12 Can You Stand Upon One Leg 4:30

2-13 I Like 5:13

2-14 Jiggery Pokery 4:15

2-15 Down In The Street Below

"In May" (bonus CD from "Foreverland" - 2016)

2-1 6th Of December 3:54

2-2 11th Of December 4:18

2-3 13th Of December 2:39

2-4 23rd Of December 3:01

2-5 3rd Of January 4:13

2-6 13th Of January 1:43

2-7 15th Of January 2:00

2-8 30th Of January 3:35

2-9 7th Of February 2:15

2-10 22nd Of February 3:51

2-11 8th Of March 3:12

2-12 27th Of March 1:09

2-13 4th Of April 3:35

2-14 4th Of April (Midnight) 2:36

2-15 3rd Of May 4:18

2-16 10th Of May 2:19

2-17 21st Of May 3:14

2-18 28th Of May 1:09

2-19 31st Of May 3:22

"Loose Cannon" live album, 2017

1. How Can You Leave Me On My Own [Live Europe 2016/2017] 4:17

2. Napoleon Complex [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:52

3. Catherine The Great [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:13

4. Bad Ambassador [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:42

5. To The Rescue [Live Europe 2016/2017] 5:38

6. The Complete Banker [Live Europe 2016/2017] 4:11

7. Bang Goes The Knighthood [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:01

8. Generation Sex [Live Europe 2016/2017] 4:11

9. Our Mutual Friend [Live Europe 2016/2017] 6:06

10. Funny Peculiar [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:47

11. A Lady Of A Certain Age [Live Europe 2016/2017] 5:59

12. At The Indie Disco [Live Europe 2016/2017] 5:12

13. I Like [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:43

14. National Express [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:53

15. Assume The Perpendicular [Live Europe 2016/2017] 4:43

16. A Drinking Song [Live Europe 2016/2017] 5:46

17. Tonight We Fly [Live Europe 2016/2017] 3:39

"Swallows and Amazons - the Original Piano Demos" - bonus disc from Office Politics, 2019

1 Whistle For A Wind 06:04

2 The Swallow 06:21

3 The Conquering Heroes 04:23

4 Fighting Swallow 01:15

5 The Amazon Pirates 03:42

6 The Parley 03:49

7 Better Drowned Than Duffers 03:25

8 Let's Make The Best Of It 04:00

9 Navy Stroke 03:00

10 Like Robinson Crusoe 03:48

11 Titty's Dream 04:10

12 Conquering Heroes, Victory Chorus 01:55

13 The Black Spot 03:22

14 The Parley - Flint's Apology 03:26

15 Swallows And Amazons Forever 02:57


Still not enough for you? How about these "Bonus bonus discs" of tracks not released under the name of "The Divine Comedy", but which contain Neil's voice, or composition, or both? Obviously I am not really suggesting most of these should have been included, but hey, it was fun to compile this list! (and by "fun" I mean "hard and time-consuming"...)

"Neil Hannon and Friends" bonus Discs:

1. Oh Yeah (Ash live, featuring Neil Hannon) (from "Hot Press" Promo CD, 1998)

2. Need Your Love So Bad (Elvis Da Costa and Pinchers, featuring Neil Hannon on vocals) (CD single, 1998)

3. No Regrets (Robbie Williams featuring Neil Tennant and Neil Hannon on vocals) (from "I've Been Expecting You", 1998)

4. All Mine (Portishead cover by Tom Jones and The Divine Comedy) (from Tom Jones' "Reload" album, 1999) Features the whole Divine Comedy band

5. The Case Continues (Ute Lemper, written by Neil Hannon and Joby Talbot) (from the album "Punishing Kiss", 2000) Features the whole Divine Comedy band

6. Tango Ballad (Kurt Weil cover, vocals by Ute Lemper and Neil Hannon) (from the album "Punishing Kiss", 2000) Features the whole Divine Comedy band

7. Split (Ute Lemper and Neil Hannon, written by Neil Hannon and Joby Talbot) (from the album "Punishing Kiss", 2000) Features the whole Divine Comedy band

8. You Were Meant for Me (Ute Lemper, written by Neil Hannon and Joby Talbot) (from the album "Punishing Kiss", 2000) Features the whole Divine Comedy band

9. The Good Life (Sacha Distel cover, credited to Neil Hannon) (from the Gangster No. 1 soundtrack, 2000)

10. Les Jours Tristes (studio vocal version, written by Neil Hannon and Yann Tiersen) (from Yann Tiersen's "L'absente", 2001) 

11. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (written by Joby Talbot, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy soundtrack, 2005)

12. Vote Beeblebrox (written by Joby Talbot, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy soundtrack, 2005)

13. Home (performed by Jane Birkin, from her album "Fictions", 2006.) Writing credited to "The Divine Comedy" - a demo version is on the boxset.

14. The Songs That We Sing (performed by Charlotte Gainsbourg, written by Air/ Jarvis Cocker / Neil Hannon, Neil also plays guitar and Joby Talbot arranged the strings) (from the Charlotte Gainsbourg album "5:55", 2006)

15. Aliens (written by Matt Lunson, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from "The Cake Sale" project, 2006)

16. Song for Ten (written by Murray Gold, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from "Doctor Who Original TV Soundtrack, 2006)

17. Love Don't Roam (written by Murray Gold, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from "Doctor Who Original TV Soundtrack, 2006)

18. Favourite Song (Vincert Delerm featuring Neil Hannon) (from Vincent Delerm's album "Les piqûres d'araignée, 2006)

19. Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping (by Air, vocals and lyrics by Neil Hannon) (from Air's album "Pocket Symphony", 2007)

20. Our Love Goes Deeper Than This (Duke Special, vocals by Neil Hannon and Romeo Stodart) (From Duke Special's album "Songs from the Deep Forest", 2007)

21. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Duke Special, featuring Neil on vocals) (From Duke Special CD single "Freewheel", 2007)

22. Cluster Bomb (Pugwash, vocals by Pugwash and Neil Hannon) (from Pugwash album "Eleven Modern Antiquities, 2008) Neil actually does backing vocals and plays on most of this album, but this is the only one to credit him with "vocals".

23.Perfection as a Hipster (written by Stuart Murdoch, vocals by Neil Hannon) (from "God Help the Girl", 2009)

24. Pay Later (Eg, written by Neil Hannon) (from the Eg album "Adventure Man", 2009)

25. If You Run (Eg, written by Neil Hannon) (from the Eg album "Adventure Man", 2009)

26. Cathy (Rodrigo Leão & Cinema Ensemble, featuring Neil Hannon), (from the Rodrigo Leão & Cinema Ensemble album "A Mãe", 2009)

27. Wanda, Darling of the Jockey Club (by Duke Special, written by Neil Hannon) (from Duke Special's album "The Silent World of Hector Mann", 2010)

28. Mess (Ben Folds featuring Neil Hannon - live in Boston, 2007) (From Ben Folds "Fifty-Five Vault" collection, 2011)

29. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Pugwash, featuring Neil Hannon and Matt Berry) (from "The Shortest Night" Charity CD, 2012)

30. Smile (Charlie Chaplin cover by Scott Matthew featuring Neil Hannon on vocals) (from Scott Matthew album "Unlearned", 2013)

31. My Beautiful Monster (Coque Malla featuring Neil Hannon on vocals) (from Coque Malla live album "Irreptible", 2018)

32. Absent Friends (Coque Malla featuring Neil Hannon on vocals) (from Coque Malla live DVD "Irreptible", 2018)

33. With a Little Help from My Friends (Lisa Hannigan, Jerry Fish, Gavin Glass, Paddy Casey, Rhob Cunningham, Cathy Davey, Mundy, Valerie Francis, Neil Hannon) (From "Loves Vinyl EP07", 2019)


Alright then, in the words of General Lafayette, What did I miss?


  1. Incredible work on this James! I'm still ploughing my way through the box-set and it was worth every penny. Such a shame the Magnetic Fields cover (Famous) wasn't included as personally I think Neil's version tops the (excellent) original. The bonus CD from 'Bang Goes the Knighthood' is also well worth tracking down.

    1. Thanks very much! I honestly think this is the best reissue campaign I’ve ever seen - everything has been done spot on. And I hope nobody sees this and thinks I’m moaning - I just have that Collector’s OCD and my mind gravitates to the things that are missing... but seriously, hundreds of previously unreleased tracks that I’d never heard until last week? I probably would have moaned WAY more if the bonus discs did contain what’s on my list above and none of the brand new stuff. ;)

  2. that looks incredible. I bought the boxset without having ever heard one full song by this artist / this band. everyone always is very positive about this music and the box looks fantastic, so I thought "why not?" your blogpost will be really helpful when I go further down the rabbit hole (I love doing that)

  3. Thank you for this! I was trying to figure out what was missing, but you did the work for us!

    Where did the version of Generation Sex on the box set come from? I don't think I've heard it with this intro before!

    1. Thanks, glad you found it helpful! The versions of "Generation Sex" and "Certainty of Chance" on the boxset are how the songs were originally meant to be heard -they came out like that on the pre-release promo CDs but then Neil failed to get copyright clearance for the samples and had to replace them both with the more familiar versions by the time the album was released. (Neil's monologue on "Certainty" is, I believe, an English translation of the Italian sample which has now been reinstated.)

  4. 2. Edward The Confessor (alternate version) (from "Regeneration" Japanese CD) - apparently the B-side recording is a less-produced version than this one, which is on the Japanese "Regeneration" CD as a bonus track. I have no idea which of these is on the Boxset but I assume the familiar B-side version.

    The boxset has the Japanese alternative version.

    1. That's interesting, thank you! Looks like I will have to compare them myself because I have someone else who swears it's the other version that's on the box ;)

  5. THIS LISTING IS A BEAUTIFUL THING! Thank You. Just got my box and it is just perfect. The box all artists should look to when they want to do it right! The sound is phenomenal. I'll be working through this for months. Yum.

    1. Thanks very much! Yep, I completely agree, the boxset is basically flawless and I honestly don't care that any of these tracks aren't included... but it's fun to try to collect them all anyway, to go with it!

  6. The version of "The Dead Only Quickly" that Neil sings on The 6ths' (Stephin Merritt) 2000 album _Hyacinths and Thistles_ is different from the version that appears on the CD2 single of _The Certainty of Chance_ (and on the box set), so I'd add this to the "Neil Hannon and Friends" discs.

  7. hey James, amazing job, really amazing
    i have been thinking on buying the box, mostly because of the early stuff as i don't have all of those - only some - on CD (even been rather pissed that the only thing not released separately is the early 2CD), but i'm more and more enticed with this whole box, so before it runs out, i will get a copy
    your list is superb, thankfully i only miss the truly rare stuff but to see it all listed in one place, that's perfect
    thanks again
    Peter from Budapest

  8. What a work !!! Many thanks, James !!!!