Sunday, 16 October 2011

I can feel it, crawling in my hair tonight... oh lord.

When I was 16, I went to see Phil Collins at Wembley Arena. There probably aren't too many stories which begin like that. Not good ones, at any rate. But this is a good story, an excellent one in fact. This is the story of how I became completely obsessed with live music. 

The full story will actually have to wait for another post because it'll take me a bit too long to type out, and I also don't want to scare any potential readers away before we've even begun. Let's just skip right to the part where I'm completely obsessed with live music. Maybe even to the point that I think nothing of driving for a 10-hour round trip to see my favourite band play for 90 minutes. Or maybe not, if that makes you want to not be friends with me any more.

The idea of this blog is to jot down some thoughts, not only about the many gigs I go to, but the things that surround them - the trips I make to get there, the friends I meet along the way and the curries I consume afterwards. That way I stand a chance of remembering not just which gigs I've been to, but all the amusing things that happened around them, and the incredibly witty things I said. 

There might even be some posts which don't have anything to do with music at all, if there are any of these I will probably invite people who aren't as nerdy as me along to read them. If you're one of those non-nerdy people, please bear me through the descriptions of bands you've never heard of and 10-minute keyboard solos, you might still find something resembling normal discussion here and there.

And I promise this will be the only time you have to look at Phil Collins's face. 

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